About Dr. Tran

Dr. Tran graduated from UT-Austin in 1990, did her externships at Eye Excellence in Houston and Fort Hood in Waco, before graduating from University of Houston Optometry School in 1994.

She has previously practiced in a high volume group practice . After doing this for several years, she decided that she wanted to open her own office. Having her own practice she says: “I am able to spend more time on each patient and provide the best services needed in order to ensure proper eye care”.

She has been involved in several charitable organizations whose goal is to provide vision care in undeveloped countries. Cotulla, Mexico and Panama are some of the places she has visited for vision screenings. The “Give the Gift of Sight” is another program she has dedicated a lot of time to.

Dr. Tran is a member of the American Optometric Association and the Texas Optometric Association.

She is a therapeutic optometrist and a Certified Glaucoma Specialist certification.

Dr. Tran looks forward to providing the Heights and it’s surrounding areas with the best eye care possible. Welcome to iVision!